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Ultimate Team Building Experience


3-Hour Event

This is the ultimate team building experience for any company wanting to establish improved relationships with their team members. During this event we will teach everyone the value of teamwork, strategy, communication and execution. Woven into this event our facilitator, Captain Jeff, will share his experience in becoming one of the most competitive racing boats in Dana Point as highlighted in his article "Leadership from the Helm". This event is not just about sailing, it's about the elements of what it takes to win, on the water and in business. 

The Format:

Depending on the group size, we typically split the teams into groups of four along with a USCG Captain on one of our sailing vessels. The event kicks off with each team departing the harbor in their group sailboat and meeting at a designated location about a half-mile outside of the harbor. During the sail out, the Captain will teach each of the team members the basics of sailing and assign each member to a role on the boat. Once all the boats have assembled in position, the regatta race chair will announce the upcoming race start time and course. Once the race starts the Captain will only verbally assist each team on the tactics and strategy of their course but allowing the teams to learn on their own how important communication, teamwork and strategy are necessary to pull ahead of the others in the fleet.


The Duration:

The regattas will last about 3-hours from the beginning of the race, all depending on weather and sea conditions. Upon completion of the race, the boats will gather near each other to celebrate their victory and we usually witness a bit of playful bantering. While returning to the docks, the Captain will review the things the team did well and not so well, while always tying it back to the importance of communication, teamwork and strategy.

"I specifically chose the sailing regatta for the key reasons to place the team in a new learning environment, (out of the office or a meeting room), and in a physical challenge that would require a new team skill, almost immediately...None of us will forget the wind and the waves, but also your care and each of the boat captain’s care… made it all the more memorable.  

Marie Madariaga

Client: PCA of America

"By far the highlight of our 3-day strategy meeting in Dana Point. Our team members cannot stop talking about this awesome experience on the water, sailing our own boat and racing each other. We would highly recommend this event to any company who wants to build strongly relationships with their team members."

Michelle Whittle

Client: iBASEt

"As part of our annual planning meeting each year, we always like to do something fun for our executives. When I proposed a corporate sailing regatta, my boss wasn't sure if everyone would like it. He was so wrong, we plan on doing the same event again next year. It's amazing how much bonding the team did during and even after the regatta."

Katee Schalau

Client: Infinite Electronics 

For a customized itinerary and budget please email us or call (949) 485-3452.

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