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5-Hour Adventure

This tour begins with a brief introduction to sailing. We will explain how a sailboat works, walking through the different aspects of trimming the sails. Then, after just a quick 5-minute trip to the open waters, we'll throw up the sails and begin our adventure. We will usually spend about 2-hours out sailing, letting everyone have the experience of taking the helm. During this adventure we typically spot some dolphin or the occasional whale. Depending on the wind conditions and directions we will often cruise up the coast towards Laguna Beach. Either way this is a 5-hour excursion to do whatever you want. Our boats are always stocked with bottled water but feel free to bring your snacks, food and favorite beverages.

Best time to book:

11am to 3pm

Price: $975 for up to 6 passengers

If you're happy with your experience gratuities for your crew are appreciated.

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